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Thread: Determing what been installed and what should be installed for running backup DVR's

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    Determing what been installed and what should be installed for running backup DVR's

    Hello everyone I'm new to the WII and have read a bit and have just become more and more confused!

    It appears that there are so many IOS's AND CIOS'S out there that I don't know what goes with what. I've installed so many version on my WII that I don't know what versions of what I've installed. My WII still boots and runs the original discs fine so I haven't screwed up too much yet !

    I've successfully installed the homebrew channel and created a backup of my nand. I'm still on an old version of the bios, 2.2, and have successfully created and run backup discs using "wii gator backup load 3.0 error 2 fix". I have to run the backup loader off of my SDCard and I could never ever, ever get any of the backup load channels to work. They'd install but just hand the WII.

    I most recently installed cIOSCORP_v3[1].6_dmm and now my homebrew channel is upside down and moving the controller down will move it up and left will move it right. Too much fun .

    What I'm wondering is:

    A) Is there some software, somewhere that will tell me what CIOS's or IOS's and what versions of these IOS's I've loaded? Will it also show me whats a virgin Nintendo IOS V.S. a modified one? If not I can just start keeping track of what I install. I probably should have done that anyway.

    B) What is the current best configuration for loading backup discs witout a mod chip. I get the feeling that the software I'm currently using is very old and will not work with most newer games. Is there a channel out there that will work? Eventually I want to get a serial hard drive and run images from it but for now I just want to tackle the backup stuff. I've been burning my backups at 2.0 speed and have been somewhat successful.

    C) I'm a software engineer and as such am very familiar with many programming languages. How can I become educated about the WII OS and how can I get a development environment setup?

    D) Is there a simple fix for my upside down homebrew channel problem?

    Thanks to anyone in advance who might be able to point me in the right direction.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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    i'm pretty new to the scene too and have very much the same problem as you. However, i'm aware that signcheck will verify what is and what isn't installed.

    To solve your homebrew problem you just need to reinstall it again (remember booting it from the sd card in the management screen).

    Sorry i can't help you more but as i say i've got pretty much the same probs as you


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