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Thread: Can change 4.2j system menu from japanese to english?

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    Can change 4.2j system menu from japanese to english?

    I was updated to official 4.2j system menu previously and follow the instruction to install the homebrew and cios, now can play backup disc and use usb loader to play hard disk game.

    But my menu are all still in japanese, I'm wonder is it posible to change the menu from japanese to english for 4.2j firmware? Anyone successfuly did it?

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    Yes use Dop-IOS MOD V9

    and install system menu 4.2 (E) or (USA)

    then change region on any region changer to match the console region or you will have a semi brick.

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    Thanks for the reply, I have already changed it to US region.

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    hi there, may i know how you do it? i can't really figure out how to change from the Japanese version to English version.. many thanks~


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