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Thread: Suggestions for Painting a Original DS

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    Question Suggestions for Painting a Original DS

    Ok so I still have a old DS and I'm getting a little tired of looking at its old scratched up paint (original paint)

    I'd like to hear some suggestions on how I should go about painting this thing...
    Like colors, type of paint... ect..

    So yea, I'll be painting after taking it completely apart... I took it apart today just to make sure I could and I got it back together and very things fine lol

    I'm wanting to paint it so that it wont rub off or scratch to easily, I'd like it to look nice but not attract loads of dust and fingerprints.

    So yea... lemme know and thx for reading!

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    Hi there, I've edited the post below from my husband who has some advice and has been an award winning custom painter for over 20 yrs:

    The first thing you have to do is scuff the surface to give the paint something to bite to. You can use a scotchbrite pad or 400 grit sandpaper. To really make things stick you need to wipe the DS down with alcohol or acetone this will remove any fingerprint oil. If you want to go the pro route you can purchase paint in the 4oz airbrush size and even professional spray can type from a place I can tell you about - this place has everything that has to do with paint, even crazy templates if you want to make a design or easy picture on it . (You will need an airbrush for something this size.) If you want to go the easy route, you can get special plastic use paint from Home Depot or Lowes, I think Krylon or Rustoleum makes it. This paint has a special adhesion promoter for plastic, just make sure the surface has been sanded dull and has NO shine to it first before you begin spraying.

    If you want something totally custom I know a guy called "my husband" who can help you out if you PM me.

    Hope this helps you!

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    Thanks! I've never painted anything befor with anything other than spray paint... lol and i was wanting to up myself from the SNES I Painted when i was 9 (My mom just about had a stroke lol) I added a picture of my SNES to the bottom, it still works too so yea.. Im planning on repainting that as well... Once i can get it apart... I managed to get one screw out of it today, my neighbor is going to make me a tool that will fit those screws lol But yes, if you dont mind I'd love to get some details on the the paint and the sprayers!!


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