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Thread: Wiiflow autoboot

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    Wiiflow autoboot

    Could someone please point me to the right direction on how to have Wiiflow autoboot (from priiloader)?

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    In the Priiloader menu pick Options and set Autoboot: to whatever you want.
    I think I have mine to system menu or HBC, can't remember.

    To get to the Priiloader menu turn on your Wii while holding the 'reset' button to load the Priiloader menu.

    3.1-4.1 Softmod Tutorial (Works on all wii's!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid101 View Post
    Could someone please point me to the right direction on how to have Wiiflow autoboot (from priiloader)?
    Download and copy NForwarderWiiflow.dol to the root directory of your SD card. (Source)
    Load into Priiloader by holding reset when you power on the Wii.
    Select "Install File" and apply the NForwarderWiiflow.dol
    Navigate to "Settings", make these changes: "autoboot=Installed File" and "return to: Installed File"

    "Return to" can really be set to whatever you like. Setting to installed file will return you to wiiflow instead of the system menu when exiting a game, etc.
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    Thanks guys.
    I've read the info in the Wiiflow NForwarder readme.

    Is this correct understood of how it works?:

    Using System menu:
    1. install Wiiflow_NForwarder-WFXF-Channel.wad channel
    2. When I run this channel, it will try to locate wiiflow at the preconfigured locations and run it:

    Using priiloader (autoboot):
    1 install NForwaderWiiFlow.dol by copying it to root of SD card. (Does this work with HDD?)
    2. configure priiloader to autoboot NForwaderWiiFlow.dol
    3. When priiloader boots, it will run the NForwarder which in turn will locate and run wiiflow like above.


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