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Thread: my wii only plays gamecube

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    my wii only plays gamecube

    I have asked this question before in different forums but no one seems to know the answer.
    My wii only plays gamecube games now. It does have a wiikey inside but I don't think that is the problem. It seems to only like gamecube size discs. Normal sized discs give the disc cannot be read error.

    Maybe it is a problem with the laser? Or is it a problem with the dvd drive itself?

    Is there a way I could fix it? Or should I buy another DVD drive or buy another laser. (Buying just a new laser would be cheapest) or is there something else I can do?


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    If its a newer wii you may have a drive that prevents it from reading burned disks.
    You could try cleaning the laser, and if that doesn't work replace it.

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    It is not a newer wii. I've had this wii for nearly two years. It used to read burned discs just fine. It used to play normal wii games and backup wii games. Then one day it stopped working correctly. How would I clean the laser?


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