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Thread: Problems launching my Boot mii/IOS

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    Problems launching my Boot mii/IOS

    I recently installed Boot Mii Beta3 in my nintendo wii, but I had to do it as a ISO, and I instaled it using Homebrew channel v1.0

    The installation was successfully, and the funny thing is that I don't know how to launch the boot mii app. I rebooted my wii and nothing happened, then i went to the homebrew channel and the hackmii launcher was there, but nothing else...

    when i went to the HOME-BUTTON menu, the regular buttons where present, but no one other new, or anything indicating how to launch the boot mii.

    Can you help me out?

    Mi console is LU64+ v3.4U
    IOS36 v12.18
    cIOS38 Rev15

    The option "Go to boot mii" should be able in the Homebrew channel "HOME-BUTTON" menu, but it's not. any help?

    Thanks in advanced.
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    anyone can help me?

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    Are you positive you installed BootMii fine? You may want to install it again. Also you need to have a bootmii folder on the root of your SD, and the folder will have 3 files inside, ppcboot.elf, armboot.bin and bootmii.ini.

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    i had the problem when i first installed the hackmii pack. Try uninstalling and reinstalling HBC. That fixed my problem. I think you may of installed the HBC first and then bootmii second. Im guessing that HBC doesnt get configured for bootmii then.

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    uninstalling and reinstalling HBC did the trick.

    Thanks a lot twiggy2cents!!!

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    No problem, dont forget to hit the thanks button!


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