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Thread: Backup NGC Games and black & White issue.

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    Backup NGC Games and black & White issue.

    I have searched and read through different threads here in the forum and I have a couple questions that I could not find the answer to.

    1) Can you play backup versions of GameCube games on the Wii? Do they have to be minidisks or full dvds?

    2) When I load certain games on my softmodded Wii, some games are black and white with lines through them, why is that? I read that you can use Force Region, what is that and how do I do that?

    Thank you

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    As for the disc's i dont know, but for the region setting i believe you select setting before launching your game and force your region settings.

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    Ok, just thinking after saying thanks, so in therory, placing the disks on dvds should work, but how would I access the GC games? Do I use NeoGamma? Or should I not worry about it?

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    Well first you need to install mIOS and a GC Backup Launcher, both of which you can fin here: mIOS and GC Backup Launcher. They need to be burnt on good media [verbatim or ritek] -Rs [you may use +Rs if you know how to change the booktype to DVD-ROM] and burnt with Imgburn at slowest speed possible. And yes they can be on Mini-DVDs or regular sized DVDs.


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