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Thread: Wiiflow cover downloads ??

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    Wiiflow cover downloads ??

    Another quick questions guys ?!! more than happy with wifflow loader but occasionally when I try and download a cover image it will normally find the front cover okay but occasionally fail to locate the rear cover etc, appreciatte it can only download what has previously been uploaded but just wonder if it is possible to add another cover d/load site url to wiiflow that the loader will also check as well as the original one for any missing artwork ???

    if so a quick guide to adding this extra url would be great


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    There is no way to add another URL but you can go to your (pretty sure but off the top of my head) SD:\Wiiflow\Covers there is one folder for fronts and another for full covers. Name it as the code for the game you will see what's in there and know what I mean. Wiiflow will take it and make a file it can use from the .PNG you put in.

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    Thats great thanks for the info will keep that in mind. any particular recomendations guys for cover sites where I may d/load rear covers where the wiiflow programme fails to find them ??

    say rear covers as in all honesty have yet to find a game that wiiflow has not found the front cover for just occasionally fails on locating the rear cover image.

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    Anyone managed to add missing covers as per the above method ?? just d/load a game within wiiflow and unfortunatly Wiiflow could not find either the front or rear cover, would be great to add it to wiiflow.
    Dont suppose anyone fancies doing me a favour and uploading Wii " Sports party " front and back covers to the url that Wiiflow uses, cant remember off hand what website is uses to access the covers from - anyone advise ??
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