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Thread: pimp my wii app 1.32

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    pimp my wii app 1.32

    CHANGELOG v1.32
    -Each IOS reloading will be displayed on screen. If it fails it will tried again 10 times (may fix "bad ios used").
    -May fix some code dump during installation/downloading.
    -Minor modification (wii shop version).
    -Using devkitppc r19, latest libogc, libfat 1.0.6, devkitARM release 27.
    -Correction of the IOS used by Homebrew Channel.
    -Displays in "safe mode" stub IOSes that must not be used

    pimp_my_wii 1.32.7z
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    Tried to update OFFLINE...

    Hi everybody, my first post here...
    Got a Wii NTSC-U semi bricked with 3.4E Sys. Want to upgrade to get rid of the Opera error.
    Just installed HBC 1.0.6, DVDX and BotMii. All these Ok, using BootMii as Boot2 and all. Did my backup of my NAND ok too.
    Tried Pimp My Wii 1.32 to update OFFLINE, downloaded all the IOS/wads from the list and so in the SD root. Nothing happened. It opens the PMW app, but no update is done. Says among others updated IOS: "IOS58 or IOS50 trucha bug fixed error -2011". No clue ´bout that. Says that can´t find any IOS and they´re all in the SD root.
    Tried now the Waninkoko Firmware Updater v4.1 offline and nothing happens. Do I need something to put on the SD root to make it work?
    Can I use the New Super Mario Bros Wii to update to 4.1U or is it a posibility of a brick?

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    I guess you can use Any Region Changer OFFLINE with 4.1E update in it , would make 200 mb on your SD card!

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    I did use pimp my wii app 1.32 to update "all" IOSes on my 3.1E.
    It did install offline from USB HD almost all wads and again with online install it did find a few more, all are installed except i skipped for 4.x system menu and that gamecube bios thing.

    HBC was upside down, but a reinstall did fixed it.

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    pimp my wii is great. i have used this multiple times to fix different things. i have always used the online fix. EXCELLENT APP!!


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