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Thread: Quality, dependable D2Pro sites, where are they?

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    Quality, dependable D2Pro sites, where are they?

    Looking to buy a D2Pro mod chip from someplace. Specifically looking for a solution that does not require me to soder anything in place. I have never attempted to soder something very small and just don't want to risk messing up my Wii. There is probably a pretty hard learning curve associated with this type of sodering as well.

    All that said. My SN is LU55, so D2Pro from everything I have been reading for the last 3 days points me in this direction. So now I need a location to buy it from that is reliable.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Go with the D2pro9

    the d2pro was not a finish release... The D2pro9 is the finished product

    where abouts are u located?

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    we are official resellers for d2pro

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