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Thread: How do you update the cIOS?

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    How do you update the cIOS?

    I haven't used my Wii (which is software modded) in a long while, and after trying to run some game with that WiiGator and it didn't work, I saw that there's a new loader (I got that Neo Gamma v0.8).

    I've also updated the HBC which was at version 1.0.1 (it prompted me about a 1.0.6 update, but it kepts giving a "Download failed" error for some reason, so I've eventually downloaded that "HackMii" installer and installed the update through an SD card).

    But that Neo Gamma backup loader gives me a message that my cIOS (I don't even know, or remember, what is that) is only at revision 9 and that it's recommended to have at least revision 14 for it.

    How do I update it? And what exactly does it do?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Download cIOS38_rev14_Installer.
    Place the IOS38_64_v3610.wad in the root of your sd card.
    The remaining folder goes to your sd:\apps directory.
    Install via HBC - writes over current installation.

    cIOS Explained
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    Download the cIOS38-rev14 Installer from my signature and unzip it. Make sure the .dol file inside the folder is named boot.dol, if not, rename it to boot.dol and place the IOS38.wad file onto your root, place the cIOS38-rev14 Installer folder into your apps folder on the root of your sd card. When done, your sd card should look like this:

    SD Card:\apps\cIOS38-rev14 Installer\boot.dol
    SD Card:\IOS38-64-v3610.wad

    Now load homebrew channel and run the cIOS38-rev14 Installer, select an IOS for install and select network installation (for online install) or wad installation for offline install.


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