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Thread: Removing iso from wiiflow ?

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    Removing iso from wiiflow ?

    Okay may seem a strange question and probably the reverse off what the majority off newbies ask ??!! but just wonder how you go about removing an iso from your HDD / wiiflow. I have a newer version off a game that I wish to replace with one that is on the drive already, easy enough to do ??


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    You can delete it using WBFS Manager or in Wiiflow by selecting the game and selecting the delete icon. This icon may appear differently depending on your theme - mine appears as a pair of scissors.
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    Perfect easy when you know how !!

    keep forgetting about wbfs manager !! used it to formatt my drive but forgett that it can be used for other things !!! in saying that the loader programmes normally take care off most things anyway.


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    I came here with the same question. I knew that you could do it in wiiflow but the options were not there . I had the lock code on and the options don't show up until u enter the code to unlock the options. I felt like a fool.


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