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Thread: usb loader gx question

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    usb loader gx question

    Hi, i have installed usb loader gx and can open and view the files on the usb that i put on there using wbfs. when i click on the game i want to play the blue disk appears with play on it ( all good so far) i press play and the sceen either goes green or back to the system menu depending on what region i select (force ntsc ect.) so i am not sure what the problem is i have read the faq's but i am still at a loss any help would be very helpfull THANKS Chanoo

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    It could be a matter as simple as turning error002 fix on, or you might need an updated ios. You may need to tweak your settings for certain games as well, so here's a page written by Wiijohn to familiarize yourself with:

    You can also check out Tealc's IOS thread to see if there are any you need to update:
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