I have googled the issue and never for a resolution so I thought I might post up here and maybe one of you guys might know.

If I try to add a Wii friend and we exchange numbers, I still dont get an add for them. Its been.. WEEKS since I added my friends Wii and he mine, with no luck.

Also, in MK.. he and I exchanged MK friend numbers and his was the only one that worked so maybe I am confused about how it works. I add ppls numbers and they say they add mine.. but they never show up on my friends list.
The only MK friend code that has ever worked was a friend that I added and he came online and added me right them too. Does both parties have to be online at the exact same time for it to accept?

Thanks so much for helping me out with this issue. If anyone would like to exchange Wii and/or MK numbers... or any other friend game numbers, please let me know.