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Thread: USB Loader GX art on HDD

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    USB Loader GX art on HDD


    I am hoping someone can help. I have installed USB Loader GX as a channel on my soft modded wii v4.1 and used WBFS manager to format a 320GB WD Essential. This all worked great until I removed the SD card and the artwork all disappeared.

    I did a little extra reading and found that I could store the artwork on the HDD if it had a seperate non WBFS partition. So I reformatted the drive into two partitions, one 250GB WBFS and one 50GB NTFS and copied the config, codes, txtcodes and images folders from the SD card onto the NTFS partition. However, I can't seem to get the config or images loading from the HDD. Do I need to reinstall the channel? Should the partition be FAT32 instead of NTFS? I have tried making both partitions active to no effect.

    Have tried searching but found nothing that made things clear for me, would be really grateful of any help.


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    Must be fat32. WBFS first and active, second partition FAT32.

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    Worked like a charm thanks.


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