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Thread: New firmwares for the entire Wasabi family

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    New firmwares for the entire Wasabi family


    Wasabi DX Firmware 3.0 BETA

    What's new in 3.0 ?

    + Added BCA fix (for games such as NSMB)

    + Since 2.0: Added Wasabi Zero mode
    + Since 1.2: Bugfix: Some original games (such as SMG, SSBB) gave an error message
    with previous firmwares. Problem is now fixed.
    + Since 1.2: Bugfix: Autoboot is now automatically disabled for SSBB
    + Since 1.1: Multi-game discs support
    + Since 1.1: Other bugfixes and improvements
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    Updating my wasabi dx to 3.0 only works for about 5 seconds. After that it says "verify error" and asks me to reset and try again, no succes. Any idea?

    thanks in advance!

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    I am having the same problem also. I have tried both the beta and final version, but same problem. I have tried burning at x4 with imgburn also, but no luck.

    Any ideas?

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    mmmm...not any further with this yet.... I bought my wii premodded and am in doubt now wether it is a wasabi dx as i ve paid for. It seems i am not able to enter the built-in configuration menu, so that's kinda strange. Going to call the shop tomorrow. Sorry not able to help you, Andy

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    sunnuh1, I have EXACTLY the same problem as you. I also bought it premodded with DX but I canīt get into the Wasabi menu nor update it to FW3.0 (5 seconds and then "failed to verify"!). However and unlike you, I did made the rookie mistake to do a System Update to 4.2U (it was already in 4.2 though)

    Do please let us know how it goes on your end (I'm also taking it to the store in a few days). thanks,


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    I have yet to try this, but I have been told that if you switch the dip switch #4 in position ON (RECOVERY MODE ON) that way you will start the code located in the recovery bank (Original stock firmware) and then upgrade your DX with the latest firmware. After the success of upgrade, you can put the dip switch #4 to OFF again.

    Let me know if it works. I will be attempting it shortly myself


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