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Thread: Tales of Graces (Translation)

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    Tales of Graces (Translation)

    Hello, I am new so I am not sure this is where I should post this...

    I would like to know if I want to make a Tales of Graces translation patch(?). I would like to make an English patch for the game. Where would the text file be located? I am using Trucha to explore in Tales of Graces, but I do not know what I am suppose to be looking for...

    I actually do not know much about making an English patch yet, but I would like to at least translated it before anything else. If anyone could tell me which file is it and where the file is that would be great. If you could just give me the file that would be perfect. I am pretty sure this is not the right place to post this, so sorry...

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    Your asking for something way more complicated than you think it is. You would need to check out some coding forums for that.

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    Actually, I do understand some coding because I did some mods for Japanese visual novels or ero-games, but I never did a Wii game before and the structure is very different. I guess I will give a coding forum a try.

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    wow bro awesome idea!! hope you can get it done. Sorry I cant help you, but I know absolutely nothing about Japanese XD you could try looking into Monster Hunter Tri for the WII, there is an English translation patch for it somewhere on the net, and the guys that made that possible could point you in the right direction XD

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    I also know nothing as of yet as I'm going to be going into CP not VGCP... so gutted but I would also be very intrested in seeing a finished result for this!

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    Thank you for your support(?) I will try to get this finish as fast as possible. I have contacted the people making the patch for Fatal Frame 4, but have not gotten a directly reply yet. I would also like to contact the people doing the Monster Hunter Tri patch, but I cannot seem to find a contact info...


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