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Thread: Piiloader help

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    Piiloader help

    okay so ive been trying everythign and search for help but nothing im on system menu 4.2U ive got everythign isntalled and ran teh ios70patch got priiloader v0.2(r30) i have teh hacks.ini in my root of my sd card wich is the wii sd card i go to system menu hacks and i get the couldnt find any hacks for system menu version:v481
    how do i get past this thnx in advance

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    Go here: Preloader/hacks - WiiBrew Find your region and system menu, and copy those hacks to your hacks.ini file.

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    Beware there is a bug in priiloader 0.2 that stops you from auto-booting into the system menu (even when you set it), so if you want to do that check this thread (or about 100 others), and consider going back to 0.1(r15) or the unnoficial r32 build.
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    i did that still same results

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    I had the same problem, open the hacks.ini on the SD card and delete all the content on it then copy all the text from the link provided (make sure you have the right region) then put the SD back into the wii and then "Restart" priiloader and it will show up; atleast it did for me.

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    ahhhhhh hyped thnx sooooooooo much it worked


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