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Thread: d2cpro and wii-clip

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    d2cpro and wii-clip

    Hi guys,

    I just installed a d2cpro and wii-clip and am unable to read any discs I made. The chip is powered, measured with a multimeter. Is there any way to check to see if it is working? I pressed the clip on as far as it would go so I am pretty sure it is on correctly.

    I have tried TY -R discs and some noname -R discs without any luck, made at 4x and 8x. Any suggestions?


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    d2cpro .... clone of the that what you have.?

    original games work?

    how old is your wii?

    if it is new...what is the first 8 digits of your serial# including the letters?

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    yes its a d2cpro and original games work fine.

    the wii is new, serial LAH10483 - doesn't seem to be a d2c2 as there is a line of text under the G2C-D2C text on the drive controller chip.


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