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Thread: Hello i need your help softmod 3.3e LEH2390

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    Hello i need your help softmod 3.3e LEH2390

    hello am tattootroy and is new to this great forum
    i have wii 3.3e LEH2390
    and i want to softmod
    but need to know a few things

    1.should i udate the wii to the lates firmware thats on nentendo webstie?
    before i softmod.

    2. is there a software i should install before i start any modding for my safety to recover from a bricked wii?

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    You DO NOT need to update via Nintendo first, it's recommended that you don't. Just follow the 3.1-4.1 MOd Guide link in my sig, and follow it to a T and you will be fine. In order for you to utilize preloader/priiloader you need to update your system menu though. There is a step in the guide that will update you to 4.1 safely.

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    Thanks. i follow the tutorial but after installing cIOScorp 3.5. the home brew channel turn upside down
    when i try to reinstall home brew i get an error with only exit option/ atlease i can play burned games now ill do a bit of reading about fixing the error tomorrow


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