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Thread: Soft Mod TUT problem

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    Soft Mod TUT problem

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    thanks for the original help by Shadowsonic2 in this thread!

    Ok i managed to update via a game to version 3.4e....then followed the TUT that you linked above.

    I managed the first steps until STEP 4 (everything went EXACTLY as it says in the TUT). at this point i am trying to install IOS60 via Wadmanager 1.4 using IOS249 before i use Waniko's 4.1 updater......however i get to the point where it is trying to mount the image and i get a ERROR ret -01

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    p.s. Ive had a look through the noob guides an found a nice thread on errors of which it tells me that the CIOS may be installed incorrectly so i followed its advice an tried to reinstall it but afterwards i still get the same fault. :-(
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    i really could do with a little help here guys please!

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    Shadowsonic!!! if you could help me once more i would really appreciate it ;-)

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    Check your SD card for the wads in the folder.i.e.

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