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    Hi all,

    Can somebody please inform me on this thought i have. Currently running on a Wii 4.2E which i hacked successfully with the bomberman hack everything fine. Just wondered if i downloaded a game for my Wii only to find out it is in NTSC not PAL, as i live in the uk the format here is PAL, can i still play the game by changing options in NEO GAMMA

    Many thanks


    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to everybody involved here.

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    Yes you can still play it, just set your loader to PAL for that game. Since you're already 4.2 this won't matter now, but in the future if you play games from another region DO NOT let the wii update from the disc, you will brick. You shouldn't update from discs anyway with softmod, but you especially shouldn't from a different region.

    I suggest installing priiloader (if you haven't already), and enabling the "skip disc updates" hack to prevent you or anyone else from updating your wii using a disc.
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