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    Media Type

    As a new owner of a D2Pro9 (thanks to Modderman!) I need to ask for a must have list to get things started. Please remember I'm new at this...

    Burning software - I hear imgburn is quite popular as the software. Do most
    members use this it or nero or another one? What settings must I use to ensure a problem free experience?

    Media - I've been told that Taiyo Yuden, Ritek, and Verbatim are the ones to use. However I noticed there is still alot of choices after the brands. Exterior colour (is silver better than blue or vice versa?), kind (-R, +R). I'm using an old school plextor (708A, 4x -R, 8x +R)

    Merci Everybody.

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    image burn is good
    you need to use 2x-4x burning speed and
    goto settings-write- and change doa to instamental to have the best result

    use verbatim 16x dvd - r (burn at 4x) silver top

    hope my opinion helped
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    Media I've used:

    NextGen 16x DVD-R
    TDK 16x DVD-R
    Maxell 16x DVD-R

    Burn at 2x using ImgBurn.

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    I am interested in this too..

    I have had poor (2 good, 2 coasters) results from TDK DVD+R 16X
    and 2 straight out of the box successes with Sony DVD+R 16X

    (I only had DVD+R lying around as I have a LG DVD player that prefers +R in the Home theatre)
    all of the above were burnt at full speed with IMGBurn.

    update.. i have started using Verbatim DVD-R's as per the recommendations elsewhere on this site,
    I now have a record of 8 straight successes with them.
    So My thumbs up goes to the Verbatim -R
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