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Thread: Rock band 2 drums w/ GH5 & RB2

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    Rock band 2 drums w/ GH5 & RB2

    Ok, this thread is moreso a check confirmation thing rather than I have an actual problem right now. So, I just bought two Rock Band 2 (RB 2) wireless drum kits and I have downloaded:

    Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero (GH) 5, Rock band 2 track pack, RB 1 country pack, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, Guitar Hero Van Halen, and the RB 1 AC/DC pack.

    With the song packs for RB 2 and Guitar Hero, after I downloaded them and extracted them, they were all 4.37 iso files. So, do I just put them all on -R DVDs and play them via Neogamma R7 like I do all my other games? I thought that those files were some kind of addition to the GH 5 and RB 2 games but I didnít think they were games that are played by themselves independent of the RB 2 and GH 5 burned discs.

    Also, I have downloaded the pc tools file to obtain all the DLC (downloadable content) songs for RB 2 as well.

    My first question is; I read the tutorial listed in the text document in the pc tools file above and the first step states ďFirst you'll have to get your NG ID using xyzzyĒ. What does that mean? Xyzzy is a folder that you download from
    xyzzy - WiiBrew
    Itís not a program. I assume that trekster means that you put the xyzzy folder on my SD card and run it on my Wii via homebrew channel. But I donít have and never have had an internet connection on my Wii so Iím not sure what to do.....??

    2. Also, I was wondering is the DLC the same thing as the extra song pack games that I have already downloaded?

    So, like I wrote I do have Rock band 2 that I downloaded and it does work on my Wii. I have tried to see if my new drums will work with it but I would like to post my system specs here and see if I am up-to-date OR if I should expect some problems. (i.e. the same problem(s) other people have been having) My specs are:

    - firmware 3.2u
    - Backup Loader Gamma with 002 Fix Built in installed
    - I softmodded my wii using the twilight hack and I have Homebrew channel with Wad manager already
    - I also have Gecko os and ocarina in my HB channel
    - Neogamma R7 rev14

    3. My question here is basically if I my setup is proper regarding if my new drums will work with my new burned rock band 2 game. From what I was reading on some other posts here it sounds like I will need to downgrade to cios 37 or something like that but I could be wrong. My plan is just to see it the drums sync in a few hours when I get home and if they donít sync or function right then I post that info here. 4. To sync the drums, I press the button on the grey usb box that connects to the back of the wii and then I press the red Wii sync button at the same time, right?

    5. From what I have googled, my two RB drum kit should work just fine with GH 5. That is correct, right?

    6. I googled about RB drums working with other versions of GH and I saw mixed opinions. Some said it does NOT work while others said it does work but there will be one pad on the RB drum kit that won't be used. Can someone clarify this authoritatively?

    7. last question; I will look into this myself but is there a step-by-step idiot proof guide on how to turn my two Rock Band drum kits into an actual drum kit like in this link:
    Guitar Hero Drums + Rock Band Drums = Full MIDI Kit | Plastic Axe | \m/

    More specifically, Iím focusing on the 2nd link since I have two RB 2 drum kits exactly like he does. Like I said, I am also searching for a good clear easy guide myself but I am just wondering if the experts here already know of one or two off the top of their head to shorten my search time. Iíll post any guides here that I find if someone else doesnít beat me to it.

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    just two updates:

    rb2midi - Using Rock Band 2 drum controller to trigger MIDI
    RB2 drum kits to actual drum kit guide

    ROCK BAND 2 FOR THE Wii - STEP BY STEP SET UP - Rock Band Forums
    step by step guide on hooking up the RB2 drums including how to sync them which is pretty easy. hehe

    Ok, now I actually do have a problem. My RB2 drums don't work with my RB2 game. So, like I said from what I have read here, I only need to downgrade to Cios 37 and it should work. Am I correct? A simple yes or no will suffice and I will get started trying to get the RB2 drums to work properly but I don't want to do anything yet just in case I mess something up inadvertently.

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    I found a seemingly clear guide on how to get the RB2 instruments to work with having an internet connection on my Wii.
    [HOWTO] Play Rock Band Backups -

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    does anyone have a legitimate working copy of the file "". It was uploaded at the address below but not anymore. please help! I'm going through the steps in the guide but I need the "" file. - free web hosting provider

    I have done some searched on Google but I don't know which is real and which is fake.....

    Edit: found a copy here: (not sure if it's the right one but looks like it is)
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    Can someone help PLEASE! I have gone the guide posted at and I am stuck at the "IOS 242 rev 7 is loaded" screen. 002 fix is enabled and load requested IOS is enabled but everytime I start up the Softchip backup loader, IOS 36 is at the top in green NOT IOS 232. also everytime I load IOS 232, the screen reads "IOS 232 is loaded" but the screen is just stuck there. It doesn't do anything. :@

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    Absolutely no-one knows what is going on here? Huh? At this point, I might be better off just becoming a supporter of this site (which isn't a bad thing) and e-mailing one of the mods since nothing I can't garner any feedback....

    Update: almost 24 hours so far. ok, i'm tired of this f**king issue. I give up for now. maybe i'll check back in a few days. I have posted in four different forums and not a single person knows how to fix this crap.
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    ok nevermind, I took a short nap to get some more energy woke up and I finally got it working. What the hell!!!??? After all this f**king time, now it wants to work properly! god!!!

    Anyway, the only thing that isn't working is Guitar hero 5 and I am about to start my research on it now. I keep getting error 002# when i try to load GH5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smashlo2D View Post
    I keep getting error 002# when i try to load GH5.
    Turn 002 fix on in your loader.

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    Turn 002 fix on in your loader.
    i bricked my wii shortly after I fixed the RB2 instruments so I'm in the process of getting it fixed via my warranty with Nintendo.

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    How do you enable 002 fix for neogamma loader?

    I posted this over 4 hours ago and no one knows how to change the 002 fix in neogamma loader? I looked within the options and I do not see where to change that.
    Can someone help?
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