Hi, just saying Hi to introduce myself.

Avid gamer of over 25 years. First real gaming experience came courtesy of arcade machines. Pleiads, Balloon Bomber, Hyper Sports and Kung Fu Master are the first games I can actually remember playing.

First computer was a BBC Micro B although that was more educational at the time. Then Master System, SNES, PS1, N64, PS2, Gamecube, Wii and finally PS3 in that order, all of which I still have. Also have a Gameboy Color, 2 GBAs, 2 GBA SPs, 2 DS Lites and a PSP. Not to mention 2 jamma machines in the garage, both currently running MAME. One horizontal and one vertical.

Anyway, my Wii is currently running 3.4E with a D2Pro installed with a WiiClip. HBC already enabled and loving the SNES, MegaDrive, NES and Master System Emulators.

Been having trouble with playing Wii backups recently (Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics and NSMB) so did a little google search and stumbled across the wealth of information here. Currently looking into installing cIOSs and NeoGamma as that seems to be the way forward now. Already got some done and can't wait to start picking people's brains!

Loving my upside down HBC at the moment!

All the best,