In my search to get nsmb working I have upgraded everything I can find.

Currently my system is at:
cIOS rev15
Neo Gamma R7 R7
Neo Gamma R8 Beta 15
Firmware 4.1U

All my wii games are working on neo gamma R7 except Shattered Memories and NSMB. Once I installed cIOS rev15 for the first time NSMB loaded for the first time and everything was fine, until I turned my console off and on and again the game started showing a disc read error. I get the disc read error at the exact same place on both games, NSMB it happens right after it tells me to hold my controller horizontal and Shattered memories error happens after I create a file and it gets to the end of the first video where the girl says "I love my daddy". After updating to 4.1U firmware just now NSMB again loaded, until I turned my Wii off/on again and the read error again apears.

tl;dr: I update, get it to work, turn of the console and it stops working.

If the game worked once and the not afterword when something is changed to the wii its not the ISO's fault right?