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Thread: USB Loader GX covers on HDD instead of SD

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    USB Loader GX covers on HDD instead of SD

    I have USB Loader GX, and it works great thanks to all you guys on this site. I have formatted my external hardrive so it has both a wbfs and a fat32 partition. How do I change the settings so that USB Loader GX stores the cover images onto the Hardrive instead of the SD card (I need it for other things). I can see the options but can't get it to change from sd:/

    Also some parts of the program say "console needs to be unlocked" what does that mean?

    Thank you for all your help.

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    Ok, I noticed the fat32 partition was exfat so I formatted to fat32 and now I can change the custom paths to the folders on my external hdd.

    Only thing is it says "no sd card inserted, unable to save" and when I back out of the screen and go back they all reset to sd://

    help? please


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