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Thread: USB Loader GX covers on HDD instead of SD

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    USB Loader GX covers on HDD instead of SD

    I have USB Loader GX, and it works great thanks to all you guys on this site. I have formatted my external hardrive so it has both a wbfs and a fat32 partition. How do I change the settings so that USB Loader GX stores the cover images onto the Hardrive instead of the SD card (I need it for other things). I can see the options but can't get it to change from sd:/

    Also some parts of the program say "console needs to be unlocked" what does that mean?

    Thank you for all your help.

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    Smile Simple answers on forum already

    Hi I Am Quite new to all this, However the unlock code is posted on this forum somewhere as I've used it. When I partitioned my drive for WBFS I also kept a small 2GB Fat section I put all the files from mt DS card onto the Fat section. I then opened to setting page in GX loader. Changed the file paths to usb Covers ETC; there are a few I changed quite simple. Take a look. I turn on my Wii with usb connected It boots up no problem.

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    Ok, I noticed the fat32 partition was exfat so I formatted to fat32 and now I can change the custom paths to the folders on my external hdd.

    Only thing is it says "no sd card inserted, unable to save" and when I back out of the screen and go back they all reset to sd://

    help? please

    this video above ^ at about 29-31 seconds, it shows a button titled unlock. I don't have that? I got the file from dogeggs "new 3.1-4.1 softmod for any wii", but if I go to update etc it says console locked, unlock console - how do I do this?
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    USB loader should use the hard drive instead of an SD without the need to change options. I have my WBFS partition, primary and active, I then have a 7gb FAT32 parition, copied across all my SD card data onto this...boot up and it works just like it would with the SD card inserted.

    I don't know anything about the unlocking, I haven't seen or done this.

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    ok, I'll give it a go

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    I'm happy to report that this method worked perfectly. I can now download/store and access the image files from the usb hdd without an sd card being present.

    I was also able to check for an update without the "console is locked" message!

    Thanks for everything!

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    No problem, glad it's all working


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