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Thread: Another black screen...

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    Another black screen...

    Hey guys, just picked up a wii from a friend who needs me to have a look at it for him. When turning on its just the black screen, have whacked in a savemii and it comes up with the 3.4E in the corner. Now Im a bit unsure where to take it from here.

    I dont have the original wiimote so cant check that.

    Im not to hot on all the iso's and stuff, im a 360 modder and have been thrown in at the deep end here, someone help me swim! haha

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Sorry guys I should add, its got a wasabi dx in there, has never been touched in the way of softmodding etc. Has not been updated with a different regions game or anything. The guy said he was playing it one day, turned it off - returned an hour later to turn on to a black screen..

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    Could be the bluetooth module. When this little card dies it starts to a blackscreen.

    Without a Wiimote it's not possible to check though...normally you should be able to power up the Wii with the Wiimote.
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