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Thread: removing duplicate channels

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    removing duplicate channels

    thanks for a great site guys.....ive softmoded my sons wii 6 months ago and was having problems with 002 errors and green screens then..... now update as per guides and no probs with games <thank you>.....but now have 2 news channels and 2 forecast channels....... can not remove in data management.......can anyone guide me in the right direction.......thnk you in advance......

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    You probably need AnyTitleDeleter, not sure if I'm allowed to link to other sites so apologise upfront if not :
    AnyTitle Deleter - WiiBrew
    Be careful to remove the correct channel, read all info about this program before you delete anything.
    Obviously I cannot be held responsible if you brick your wii deleting the wrong files.

    Failing that google "duplicate wii channel remover" there are iso images you can download and burn that will do the same sort of thing but I have no experience of these and you must, as I see it, get teh correct region for your wii (i.e NTSC-U / PAL etc)

    Good Luck !

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    thanks i will give it a go and let you know how i get on


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