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    Question 2.1e version

    Hi guys an gals.... this is a great site with loads of brilliant info.

    Now i have a Wii with Firmware version 2.1e.....ive had a search around and can only find reference's to 3-4.2 to be able to softmod my wii.

    Can i just proceed with the Noob's guide to softmodding or do i need to somehow upgrade to version 3.1 etc

    thanks for all the help ;-)

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    You'll need to update to 3.1 - 4.1 using a disc. Do NOT update via internet, this will take you to 4.2 which should be avoided.

    Rent/Buy/Lend a game disc which should contain a 3.X or 4.1 update, most games now have these updates. Insert the disc into your wii and it should prompt you to update. After the update, you can start softmodding with this:

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    cheers m8....that makes it a little simpler!!! ;-)


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