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Thread: Noobie question :)

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    Talking Noobie question :)

    hey guys, i know i am a noob for asking this question..but here it goes anyway

    i dont have an xbox 360 so i have no idea how stuff works,,,when you download a map or a song for rockband for example, how do you play it??
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    you need homebrew on the xbox but cant do it without a jtag and the console has to be pre summer 09 update and looks like a pain to do. I thought it would be easy like just copy to the harddrive like we do with the wii but it aint. Ive been looking into it myself for the dlc you can get for other games but gave up as my xbox is the latest dashboard.
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    or if you bought it/its legit, its just there when you fire up rockband quickplay or whatever game, but the above post is correct, and anyone who updated their console before/after the summer of 09' can't jtag, let alone get your cpu key unless you are on a 7xxx or lower dashboard

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