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Thread: Cliche' Monster Hunter Tri(3) Problem. Freshman

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    Question Cliche' Monster Hunter Tri(3) Problem. Freshman

    As the title states, MH3 (jap version) issues.

    First off after searching & reading the guides/tutorials on what is or how to mod/hack a Wii. I am still lost.

    What's the diff between a IOS, cIOS, WAD? How do you install new cIOS or WAD or some codes for games to work on ur Wii?

    Monster Hunter 3 problem:

    My Wii came with (the shop that sold it to me had done these mods to it):

    i) NeoGamma - R7 RC4, IOS249 (Rev 14)
    ii) Homebrew Channel - IOS36 V12.22
    iii) Backup Loader

    Now, I load my MH3 from a DVD disc...& as I have read, the general population seems to get the weird text (supposed to be jap) after the "Health warning" before the OP movie & the black screen + noisy beeping sound (thn u need to restart ur Wii, zzz).

    I've read ppl's response (those that managed to get the game working for them, and those that didn't..still stuck). I'm wondering is there a way to get the game working through the DVD itself?

    Hope you regulars here can point me in the right direction. As the guides and tutorials here are quite scattered & assumes some knowledge about homebrewing/modding which I don't get even after reading the links here. I may be dumb or...

    Anyways, the game is great. Hope I can learn more bout this Wii modding stuff & how it links with playing the games from your responses.
    ~ Thanks ~

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    any1 out thr?

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    I can't help with hacking your wii, but this is how I got MH3 to work:

    The method described here worked for me. (You'll have to scroll down to find it.)

    If you haven't English patched it yet go here

    Hope it works out for you

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    Is it page 2 - method posted by jroc838? Something bout WAD manager installing softchip90/96 and the IOSs?

    I have NeoGamma...useless crap in this situation. I don't have to remove it do I? Just install the softchip90 using WAD manager?

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    Excuse the lateness of my reply.

    Yes, jroc838. You will need to install the IOSs before installing softchip 90 (or 96, though I use 90). Everything should be included in the provided link in the forums. After the IOSs, install softchip and set it to the appropriate settings (also provided); these must be set before playing MH3 everytime. NeoGamma should be fine as is. Hope that answers your questions.

    Also, do not try to change your character's name. Unless your wii is japanese, the game will crash, so you're stuck with the name HUNTER unless you go through an overly-complicated process of changing firmware. Same goes with online play.

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    Sorry for my very late reply as well, thought no1 else would reply.

    Thanks for confirming the method
    I'll go give it a try then post a testimony of it back here.

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    Just wanted to confirm that this method worked for me and thanks for all the info.....this is a cool game!


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    When I use IOS 223 on this game "Monster Hunter3", I get an error ret-4100 And it just resets the WII.

    I have tried this on Cfg Usbloader v.51, Which gives me that error.

    Also on Usb loader gx it's just a black screen with the beeeeeeeeep.LOL

    Any help will be Appreciated!


    Yes I do know what the error 4100 means.
    Still at a lost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekFreak325 View Post
    I can't help with hacking your wii, but this is how I got MH3 to work:

    The method described here worked for me. (You'll have to scroll down to find it.)

    If you haven't English patched it yet go here

    Hope it works out for you
    Does this works with the english version of the game?

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    Nothing like a three month plus thread being resurrected by a newb who can't use the search option -- link. Please familiarize yourself with the Forum Rules. Welcome to wiihacks --- stop by the Introduction Section of the site to say hello --- you'll be greeted by our VWA and giving links to the more popular guides on this site.


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