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Thread: Please Help Me Softmod

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    Cool Please Help Me Softmod


    I only have DVDx & Homebrew installed currently.
    What else do I need to play my backup games?

    I'm on 4.2u, should I install cIOS36 Rev7? Rev14?
    Do I need Wiigatorís Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma?
    Do I need WadManager or GeckoOS?
    Do I need BootMii, which came with the HackMii installer?

    Please tell me which of these I need, i can probably do the rest. Thanks.
    I apologize for my nubness but hey, at least I got Homebrew and SNES/NES roms working by myself.

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    you should just follow the 4.2 tutorial, it will tell u everything u need to play backups. Wad manager and Bootmii is important to me, its good to have a NANAD backup.

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    i managed to mod my wii succesfully but it's been AGES since i did it so unfortunately i won't be able to help you. However this guide should probably help you

    if i'm not allowed to create links like this please let me know . I use neogamma to play backups but i think u'll need to install some other stuff as well so yeah you'll need to use this guide.

    hope that helped


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    Im going to be doing this saturday...cant wait!


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