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Thread: Neogamma "Dvd read error 1053"

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    Neogamma "Dvd read error 1053"

    I am having "Dvd read error 1053". I installed homebrew by following this link

    and then I download "Need for speed nitro (paul)" and patch with "regionfrii" and then burn the game on Dvd by using "Imgburn".
    Nw i am getting dvd "read error 1053" in neogamma. pls tell me how to fix the problem?
    I will be having same problem if i used any of usb loader? if so pls tell me hw to install usb loader in my wii. Thanks in advance.

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    look here to see if you have the d2-3 chip installed on your wii. you won't be able to play backups from disk

    Wii Drive Chip Database

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    I had the same Disc error 1053 when I first mod it.I just change the type DVD-r I was using then i had no problem.

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    I used sony DVD-R. is it coz i used "Need for speed nitro (paul)" and patch with "regionfrii"?

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    I used sony DVD-R and thats how come I had the disc error. I changed to Verbatim DVD-R and then any game I burned works excellent.

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    i just installed usb loader GX and getting "error 002". I am trying to play paul game on my ntsc console, but i use regionfrii to patch b4 i move game to USB. is it coz of the game or console problem? what should i do?

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    There is an option in usb loader GX settings for an error 002 fix

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    error 1053 is that the drive cannot read the dvd. You probably got the d3-2 like me and you are probably pretty pissed-off at the moment, don't worry though, because you can buy a external hdd and just dumb the .isos on it anytime you want and play them

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    I don't see it by myself in setting. can u tell me more specific? thank


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