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Thread: Can anyone identify this modchip please?

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    Can anyone identify this modchip please?

    Hi All,

    As per the subject really. Apologises, I'm fairly new to this Wii stuff.

    I've got recently got myself a modded Wii from Hong Kong/China. The Wii is a US version - and hence is NTSC, but I'm actually in a PAL region. The Wii is running the latest firmware.

    Below is a picture of the modchip installed in the unit as supplied. Can anyone make some suggestions as to what this modchip is please?. The modchip has no markings other than to name the 'outputs'. I've looked around the internet at different mod-chips and can't find one that appears like this.

    The Wii is GC2-D2C based. This doesn't appear to be one of the newer versions as the GC2-D2C chip as a second row of numbers (Serial number?), which I understand the newest release doesn't.

    My primary reason for all of this is that I'm having issues loading games (non-original). The supplied (original) Wii Sports works fine.

    Whilst the games are being recognised as Wii discs at the Channels Menu, clicking Start to commence the games gives just a black screen - with no messages or errors. These games have been supplied by a couple different people who have modded Wii's and whom have tested that the discs work.

    I can find no pattern as to the cause - the games that have worked are on the same brand of DVD's as the one that donít' work (and there are several different brands involved).

    Any help appreciated.

    Thank You

    Charlie Farly.

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    I count 17 wires, which in my very very limited knowledge leads me to beleive that this is possibly a D2CKey chip.

    I also have a Wii from HK and I also get game load problems - and I beleive something needs to be updated but I just dont know how to do it either :P

    But yes, google D2CKey and look at the pictures, they look very similar, I think thats your winner.

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    thats not a d2ckey ....looks like a clone of another chip

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    Hey Both,

    Thanks for your replies.

    I'm just coming to conclusion that this is clone of the Argon (?) chip, but without the flash update port.

    Looking around the .net seems to turn up chinese suppliers of a green PCB that is virtually identical to this (other than it doesn't have a JP3) - which they label as Argon clone - also the 17 wire connections appear to match that of Argon.




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