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Thread: Can a PC bluetooth adapter emulate a Wiimote and communicate with the Wii console?

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    Lightbulb Can a PC bluetooth adapter emulate a Wiimote and communicate with the Wii console?

    As a fun proof of concept, I want to emulate the output of a Wiimote and Balance Board and have a PC talk directly with the Wii console. It would effectively be emulating the bluetooth output of the Wii peripherals so that games are none-the-wiser. An example of this would be to tie-in an actual bicycle to the Wii Sports Plus cycling mini-game (via a laptop).

    Does anybody know if this is possible? Are there any existing proof-of-concepts that have demonstrated this?

    Thank you in advance.

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    As a professional developer with some expertise in that area I'm sure it's possible. Never heared of (nor searched for) examples in the wii scene.

    Since it's I/O, something that emulates the O can be written. There is some cool security that can be implemented. I have no idea if N used that. I guess not though.

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    I too am interested in developing a "soft" wiimote. The link below is the closest I can find to something in this direction.

    My motivation is to use PC peripherals such as 360 controller and keyboard to mimic the Wiimote functions. E.g. basic 1:1 button mapping, but also mapping joystick X/Y axes to accelerometer or recording motion gestures and mapping to a button etc.

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    There is nothing preventing this, and it is completely possible. I don't know of any examples.

    We can look and the generic wiimotes and the motion pc mice using the technology to demonstrate that it is open to the imagination of the user.
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