Hello all!

I've been reading i don't know how many forums, comparisons, charts, wikis, and other tidbits of information and i'm just attempting to figure out where i would start, what to avoid, and any other "important information" to modification.

I'm not new to the modding world, hardmod or softmod, and although i would prefer a hardmod over a softmod (personal issues with softmods) i'm still not sure which to pick.

As a new world and this being the #1 place to look apparently, i thought i would post my concerns and questions here.

1. Which modchip would you consider best? I've looked at opinions and facts on websites, but i'd rather hear whats the most up to date.

2. Any issues or "screwups" that are common in installing the modchip and the homebrew channel?

3. What software should i have running, in what order should i run/install it, and what are the common mistakes i should look our for here?

4. Backup versions can be played online correct? I have 2 nephews and a niece and 1 dead Wii/multiple dead games. It would be nice as i still play the Wii when they're gone.

5. Any general issues to worry about? Essentially i am not new to the modding world, but i am new to Wii modding so i would rather know ahead of time of what to watch for. As you know hindsight is 20/20 and i would rather know the answers from the seniors.

6. Hopefully i didn't post any information outside of the grey area on legality here? This is within lines of hardware modification and follows the "1 digital backup" law.

Essentially i'm just trying to pick up all the information as i'm going to go buy another used wii here soon and would love to know what setup to have to make things work the best.

Thank you all

And yes, i do have some of this information from searches, however i would like to verify some and others i've received multiple answers.