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Thread: SSBB never finds any players online

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    Unhappy SSBB never finds any players online


    I have SSBB running from usb loader gx. Wifi connection and wiiconnect24 enabled (although i dont think this is necessary)

    Mario Kart works fine online, it takes about 2 minutes to find players and start a game. But SSBB takes literally forever (i've not yet managed to start a game online, it just sticks with 'seeking...' and the white dummy bag....)

    HOWEVER, I can spectate any other game without problems. Any ideas???


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    Thats not a problem. I play ssbb from a real copy and it takes forever to find players. I think nintendo servers are just slow.

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    I get the same problem. Best way to solve it is through playing against friends and finding friend codes online. Try some smash websites with chat rooms and you can find people online that are ready to BRAWL! you can easilly make 3 friends in these chats and make a few quick 1v1v1v1 or team battles.

    I never search randomly for people anymore, it never ends the search.


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