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Thread: questions about whats a good setup

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    questions about whats a good setup

    didnt know what to search so kill me if you must. as you can tell im new to the wii modding world. i just softmodded my wii and plan on using a usb hdd for the most part. i have it working with usb loader gx. whats a good start on the ios needed and other good channels to add to make this a better system. granted this is all a what you like thing but i have no clue on whats out there to try. this will mainly be used by my kids so easy adding games and suck would be nice

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    personally i would start getting some homebrew on your wii. emulators and stuff like that. that way you got thousands more games from back in the day. your ios files should be good, i just got done doing another wii with that guide and can play everything. as far as loaders, i been hearing good things about wiiflow. about to check into it.


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