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Thread: NSMB HELP, im not using a newer wii!

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    NSMB HELP, im not using a newer wii!

    ok, ive never had any problems burning and playing my disks on memorex dvd+r.

    but im having issues with the new super mario brothers, this is what i am running

    firmware 4.0u

    neogamma R7, IOS 249 ( Rev 15 )

    i am getting DVD READ Error 1101. everyone keeps telling me to use the other dvds, the dvd-R, but i dont see how that could be an issue when the plus R's always worked before. and all my dvd + R games still work using the
    neogamma R7, IOS 249 ( Rev 15 )

    im sorry i posted another thread on this, but i am stummped, and none ofthe guides seem to be working, and yes, i do have a fixed copy of the NSMB

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    DavePM`s guide is amazing and its stickied. If you follow it I`m sure you`ll get it working. Basically any people who suggest something on this thread to you will be from DavePM`s guide that`s in this section too. So really, look at his guide. Try different methods. Took me a few tries but now I am playing and its very smooth.

    3.1-4.1 Softmod Tutorial (Works on all wii's!)

    Wii 4.1u | Bootmii (IOS) | Priiloader 0.2 (Rev 32) | HBC 1.0.6 | Neogamma R8 Beta 7 and Neogamma RC3* | USB Loader GX REV 919

    Press the Thanks button if I have helped you in any way!

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    ive tried everything on daves guide to play the game off of a disk, nothing has worked. keep getting the dvd read error 1101. I am about to give up.

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    error 1101 is a media error. Sounds like a bad burn or a bad iso.

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    well im using img burn what speed would you recommend? also, does anyone know where i can find a legit copy for download, that has been tested and works?

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    i tried a legit copy mate...but error 1101 is still there. disc works in my old wii but not new one.

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    ok figured it out...launch through hdd with neogamma and it will work.settings: force video:disc, error#002 on, load, keep pressing right, choose player.dol and thats it watch the video.

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    You should use dvd-r media (your wii optical drive will last longer) Update Neogamma to the newer version with the NSMB Fix??? Possibly....I could never get my copy to work from DVD.... I am actually using a 512 MB USB Stick just for this game and launching with neogamma r7 rev14 on System Menu 3.2U.

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    Iamlegend, Since you're trying to help and not asking for help check this out.

    That's how I got it to load via disc. Also dave_pm has a great guide on this as well. Thanks for not asking to be spoon fed.

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    Thanks I will check that out


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