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Thread: Can you have Neogammer as a channel?

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    Can you have Neogammer as a channel?

    Hi all sorry to ask

    I use Neogammer at the moment to load games from my external usb hard drive.

    Can I have Neogammer as a channel?

    so I dont have to go into homebrew channel each time?

    Many thanks all

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    Yes. Find the Neogamma .WAD file and install it using Wad Manager. Now you'll have a channel of it so you don't need to boot it with HBC and also no need for the SD card in the wii anymore. If you need the download Link ask me.

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    You must install a wad using wad manager. Download the wad file for Neogamma R7 here:
    NeoGamma R7-NGR7.rar

    Unzip it and place it into the wad folder on the root of your sd card (create it if you don't have it)
    Your sd card should now look like this:
    SD Card:\wad\Neogamma R7-NGR7.wad

    If you have wad manager, launch it and install Neogamma R7-NGR7.wad, reboot and it should be in your system menu. If you don't have wad manager, download it here:
    WAD-Manager v1.4.rar

    Unzip it and place the folder which contains the boot.dol file into the apps folder on the root of your sd card. If you did it correctly, your sd card should look like this:
    SD Card:\apps\WAD Manager 1.4\boot.dol
    SD Card:\wad\Neogamma R7-NGR7.wad

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