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Thread: two apps on a key?

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    two apps on a key?


    I got a nes emulator and a snes emulator for the wii, and they both need to be in a file called apps, and they bot need a boot file ( the same name )

    is there a way to have two applications like this loaded with an homebrew application on only one usb key?

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    ok... If I understand you correctly, make two separate folders in your apps folder. Re-name each of your .dol files to boot.dol and put them in the new folders you made for each emulator keeping them separate. Now they should show up on HBC... Also inside of each of those folders you should have a roms folder that you put your games in.

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    Put them in your "apps" folder for your HBC. and make sure both emulators are in different folders so they won't interfere. If this is what your getting at, it should work great.

    You need to have the SD card in your Wii though to play. Unless your installing games that are WADs.

    Hope I helped.

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    thx a lot! I though I'd need 2 SD card !!


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