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Thread: Is there any way to check whether game is Pal or NTSC?

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    Is there any way to check whether game is Pal or NTSC?

    I downloaded Punch Out and it said it is NTSC, but someone complained it bricked his Wii and must be PAL. Everyone else said it worked on theirs, but I want to be sure. Is there any utility to reveal whther the iso is NTSC or Pal? I am using neogamma to load off a USB drive I know stuff gets removed when adding to Wii HD, does the updater get removed? Also I don't have priiloader on my Wii.

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    If you have an ISO image of the dvd use RegionFrii to check the region.
    You can also use this to change the region.
    If you load games to the USB HD using WBFS Manager I think it will only load the game data to the drive not the other partition data containing updates
    ***please double check this info looking round for WBFS manager details I will not be held responsible for bricking your wii***

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    If your using WBFS Manager or Intelligent V6 I think it shows the serial number of the game. They'll be random numbers and then either an N or a P. That'll tell you.

    Also RegionFrii works too from the above post.

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