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Thread: Emulators from disc w/ modchip only

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    Emulators from disc w/ modchip only

    Hi everyone,

    I was looking to see if I could run emulators on my d2pro9 wii w/o HBC or any soft mods and I found this torrent...I have tested it and it works!!


    It includes the following:

    Sega MS
    Sega MG/Genesis
    Turbo Grafix 16
    Neo Geo Pocket/Color
    Gameboy Classic/Color

    Whats needed:

    Mod Chip (tested on d2pro9)
    GC controller
    GC mem card for your saves (not necessary)

    burn with imgburn to dvd-r and you are good to go

    and as the link says has 8640 different games! you can also run games from sd or smb any it works for all regions w/ language select!

    I'm sorry if this is a repost but I couldn't find anything like this listed here.

    Anyway enjoy!
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    Just download bannerbomb v2 if your on 4*
    Put it on your sd-card, with the boot.dol of your emulator, or use loadmii with a bunch of emulators. Put the roms on the card where they belong. Then just click the sd-icon and insert your card, now you have emulators and have not installed anything on the wii.

    If your on 3*, use bannerbomb v1 and load it from data management.

    I don't know anything about the disk, give it a try if you like.

    The above works with any controller.
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    i didn't really want to mess with soft mods because of the potential for bricking...this is a great alternative for those who have a modchip and dont want to mess with anything else.


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