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    i folowed this tut New 3.1 - 4.1 Softmod ANY Wii

    i instald hbc first and then bootmii as boot2 supose to be the other way around now i have the bootmii start up screen only prob is my wii remote those not work

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    Use power and reset buttons on the Wii to navigate the menu.

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    The wiimote does not work with bootmii .

    b) Use the power/reset/eject buttons to navigate the Bootmii menu and select the icon with the gears on it. If those buttons don't work then you will have to use a Gamecube controller.

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    sweet thanks for the fast reply's

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    hey what is the best to use boot2 or a ios for the bootmii to recover from a brick wii and i was one more thing i was seeing if anyone have tryed a kodak 1gb sd card for bootmii and backing a nandup have looked on the list but there only a 4 gb on the list thanks


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