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Thread: Wii flow question - setting?

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    Wii flow question - setting?

    When in Wiiflow, I can run my games from the usb hard drive without a problem. The question I have is, is there a way to run a game from the wii dvd player from withing Wiiflow (original disk or copy)? There are some times when games are run from the disk instead of the usb drive.

    In Usb Loader GX, a DVD disk icon appears if a game is inserted, whether a copy or original, and then you can click this icon and run the game from the disk. Or if you click the "+" icon, you can add the disk to your usb hard drive. I've found how to install a game through Wiiflow, but can't find how to run the game on the DVD.

    Am I missing something in Wiiflos to do this?


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    I don't think this is possible through wiiflow yet, Narolez is pretty active in developing and adding features, however, he's also pretty much working on it alone and recently has been unwell so developing has slowed. This feature has already been suggested here.
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