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Thread: Not sure if I have removed all traces of HBC from my wii.

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    Exclamation Not sure if I have removed all traces of HBC from my wii.

    I have HBC on my wii, and since I don't use it much, and beause Nintendo is bricking wiis, I want to remove all traces of it.
    I've seen the thread about turning a wii back to a virgin but it's unclear as to what to do.

    Here's my problem:

    The only channel I have installed is the HBC, everything else runs off the SD card. From what I've read around the internet, I have to remove the HBC ticket, which is called "HAXX". I know that in order to do this, I need the "Any Title Deleter" app. I've got that.

    This is where it gets tricky (and hard to understand, so bear with me):
    The homebrew channel had updated itself to a newer version, after I installed it using bannerbomb. So when I opened up ATD, the HAXX ticket was not there. So what I did was install the older HBC with bannerbomb again, overwriting the new updated HBC. Then when I went on ATD the HAXX ticket was there, so I deleted it. But once I did that, the newer, updated HBC came back as a channel when I turned my wii off and then on again.

    Back to Square one.

    So, then I deleted the HBC from via the wii, in the systems settings in channels. The HBC wasn't on my wii menu as a channel anymore, it was gone. Then I installed the older HBC AGAIN using Bannerbomb. Again I went on ATD, saw the HAXX ticket and deleted it.

    So now I think I have deleted the HAXX ticket, but it doesn't feel right.

    Ok, so if you didn't get that, I'll put it in a nutshell.

    I couldn't find the haxx ticket so i put an older version of HBC on the wii, and the haxx ticket was there, and I deleted it, but the HBC still was on the wii menu, so I deleted the channel in the wii system settings, reinstalled the old version of HBC, deleted the HAXX ticket, and now I can't see the HBC anymore.

    So I think I've deleted the HAXX ticket but I need to make sure.

    If you need any clarifying, please ask.

    (and yes I am a tad cautious)

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    The older homebrew channel ticket was called HAXX. The newer one's ticket is JODI. If none of those tickets show up in Any Title Deleter. If you want to remove homebrew channel, make sure both the JODI and HAXX tickets are deleted in Any Title Deleter.

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    I never deleted JODI and it isn't there anymore. It used to be but now it's just gone. Is that normal?

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