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Thread: Help, Rygar battle of argus

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    Help, Rygar battle of argus

    i have a ciso rygar battle of argus, but i cant play it from my usb loader gx & Neogamma R8beta7.
    when i try with usb loader or Neogamma it just black screen( other my ciso game work fine, including new super mario bros),
    could anyone here help me.. i really wanna play this game.

    i play with my softmod wii (fw 3.2u cios38 rev14)
    sorry my english is very bad.

    Solved this problem now,thanks
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    checked it for pal or ntsc playback?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaiEnix View Post
    checked it for pal or ntsc playback?
    Thanks for the respond..
    yes, my ciso rygar is ntsc-u region and my wii console is US also.

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    i can only get this game to play in black and white when i force the vid it wont work at all help please..


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