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Thread: X360USB and HDD

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    X360USB and HDD

    Hi the xbox stuff is all new to me and i managed to flash my drive but was curious on how do i extract infomation from my HDD or even insert infomation onto the drive as i can see that you can install the DLC on some fames from sites i have seen but no idea how to. Can anyone put me in the right direction or link to tutorial on how to do this at all. As much info as you can would be great.

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    Guitar Hero DLC tutorial

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    You don't. DLC is signed content and has to either be signed by your console, which means you bought it.. or you have an xbox live resigner, which doesn't exist, OR option #3 you jtagged and have homebrew on your 360.. if you have updated your console since this past summer you can't jtag...

    To get data off of your hard drive or mem unit, I know datel sells a mem card transfer cable, and minspy is a great hard drive one. Then get a program called Xplorer.. All this will let you do is transfer either A.) files, xbox will ignore them, or B.) gamesaves.


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